I love making art. I've been drawing and painting since childhood; creating from a wide variety materials. I’ve also been fortunate that much of my work has found a place in personal collections around the USA. I’ve had the wonderful experience of participating in many gallery shows and even in a museum group show. You can read the details of my progress on my art website, www.dianajahns.com/info.html. I like to experiment in a variety of subject matter from still life to landscape to abstract; and in various mediums from drawing, pastels, acrylic paint and oil paint, photography and more.
I am a photographer of opportunity: wherever I am I find something to photograph and I like photographing a variety of subjects. The subjects of my photographs might seem mundane or ordinary. But once combined, with key visual elements juxtaposed or intertwined, they can evoke deep responses in the viewer. The relationships of elements within an image fascinate me.
Generally I review my photos many times. While reviewing, certain images will come forward as being more memorable. My next step is to experiment with selected images in Photoshop, layering, creating transparency and altering colors as I go. Any alterations that I apply happen so fluidly that I can “play” with an image and through play come to awareness about an image’s significance. While I am working the images this way I am discovering that some combinations seem more potent than others. They give hints of significance beyond the everyday.
As I work I apply my painter’s sensibilities to develop and enhance the image as it progresses. My intuition guides me as I draw connections and define relationships within images. The methodical and layered process of digital image editing has also moved me to examine my inner creative process more deeply. 
Marcel Proust : "The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new lands but in seeing with fresh eyes."


Hi, my name is Charlotte. I am a french ceramist, illustrator and textile designer. After few years of art studies, I decided to stop to create my business. I have open my original french shop online named L'écharlotte (www.echarlotte.fr) in April 2011. I open this Etsy's shop LapetiteEcharlotte to discover my creations to many people in the world.Since I was a kid, I have always created. So it was an evidence for me to become a creator


Earthy-Feminine, Bohemian-shiek, Naturally Capricious.
Caprichosa is Spanish for fanciful. It refers to all the imaginative ways of nature where beauty is intricate and playful.
My name is Mireille and I am a Mexican artist.
I studied Fine Art and although I love art, I found myself designing and making jewelry 4 years ago. My jewelry is delicate and detailed. I strive to accomplish a look of simple elegance.
My inspiration is the beautiful calming beach of the Mexican Caribbean, where I lived for 10 years, and nature.


My name is Magdalena Krasowski and I live and create in a beautiful nordic city Stockholm. I get my inspiration from nature around me but also from other cultures that I meet in my everyday life. I´m a person in constant movement and with lots of projects going on. I study in school of art,crafts and design called Nyckelviksskolan and soon I will be getting degree as professional craft and art tutor. The creative process is for me very important and I think that it can help people to find out who they really are. In my work I often use natural materials, and I also try to recycle things. My simple philosophy is that we should live in peace with nature and take just what we really need and don´t abuse what we have.


Stella and Lori – Leather Goods
The essence of our creation: leather products that exhibit our deep-rooted passion for quality, style, and aesthetics.We are two Israeli sisters from Tel Aviv who have chosen to embark on a mutual journey of creativity and independence. Our name, Stella and Lori, represent the names of our grandmothers. They each grew up in Europe, moved to Israel, and lived in Tel Aviv, bringing with them a European touch immersed in style and chic.Our grandmothers instilled in us that the magic of this world stems from the heterogeneous and diverse nature of humans, and also from the imperfections that define them as living beings. We were taught that one must always seek out individual beauty and quality.Just as each individual being is unique, so too are our products.Our craftsmanship combines carefully selected, high-quality raw material, superior stitching, and meticulous attention to the finished product—the result is a one-of-a-kind product with its exclusive texture and color scheme. With leather, one can trace the path of the material through its distinct imprints. The beauty of our product therefore lies in its imperfections. Not routine, manufactured, or perfect but unique, distinct and exceptional. We believe that each and every person deserves to enjoy high quality products that are individually-tailored and constructed to his or her specific needs and dimensions. A unique expression of individuality. All you have to do is choose.
A few more words… About us:
Vered Blank-Grizim – An architect by profession, "Japan holic" with a highly developed sense of taste.
Zohar Blank-kama – Comes from the world of marketing and branding, an amateur cook and has a highly developed sense of taste and aesthetics.


My name's Ozlem Kilic from Istanbul, Turkey. I am 33 years old, married and have an adorable son..I have studied fashion design in Italy years ago, then came back to Istanbul. Studied Traditional Turkish Art' at university, and started making my own designs. I have made several collections of shoes, scarve designs, curtain designs, hair jewellery, and accessories (necklaces, bracelets, etc...) for many companies. Also worked at the GAP as an associated merchandiser for 3 1/2 year, which taught me the production side of the design.  In these years, I am taking care of my child and making collections of accessories at the same time. It has always been what I was looking for, and I hopefully will continue to work for this.


My name is Smadar. I was born and raised in Israel. 
The love and passion for design and craftsmanship , I probably inherited from my grandfather, whom I've never got the chance to meet, but my parents tell me I remind him very much.He used to design and sew many things in his small studio , especially beautiful women lingerie. In 2003 I graduated the industrial design department in Shenkar college of engineering and design.
At first I designed bags and stuff for my self and friends, and since I got some wonderful feedbacks, I decided to start a small business, selling my stuff in Tel-aviv shops.
I especially love to work with leather and leather-accessories like rivets, nails, buckles and other great items that I find and fit, and they give me inspiration.
All my products I design and create my self, in my little studio, at home.
The decision to start my own business came to me after my eldest daughter was born (It is known that childbirth brings with it lots of new energies to do and create..)Not long ago I had my son born, and now the two of them fill me with inspiration and give me the power to go on and create even after long nights without sleep… I hope my children will learn from me that, if you follow your dreams, even if it takes hard work, it will finally pay off in so many ways. 


Hello my name is Logan and I run the little shop that is Sweet & Dirty's.
I went to college, got myself a BFA in painting, and while i was there I met a fella in a figure drawing class and proceeded to win him over with my karaoke skills. Fast forward a few years later and we are living in Tennessee with our two little ones, Ruby and Harvey Jack. I'm now a stay at home mom sewing in my spare time, and with two kids under 3 that usually means during naptimes or after hours.
I began sewing 8 years ago, and after a few rather depressing skirts I found my way with the machine. After awhile I started getting requests from friends for bags and such, and began realizing this might be able to turn into something. When pregnant with Ruby my husband and I decided it would be worthwhile to give it a shot on Etsy... and between that, a few stores, and some pretty loyal friends I've been able to work from home.
As far as the whole process, I've always been a sucker for a good vintage fabric, and love the hunt for unusual pattern and prints. This all lends itself perfectly to all the items in the shop being made from recycled material... with the occasional fabric store purchase. I really enjoy mixing materials, and figuring out interesting combinations with the fabric. I've found myself lately playing a lot with simplifying, which I'm enjoying.
Oh and a quick side note, my husbands nickname is Dirty and mine is Sweet.. so tada shop name.


Hi my name is Aubin and I am a jewellery maker based in Aberdeen in the chilly north of Scotland. I've been making jewellery for many years now since graduating from Art School specialising in a Jewellery & Metalwork degree.I love playing with colour and material combinations which is why I mix acrylics, nylons with precious metals and pearls.. I hand make, upcycle, recycle, fabricate, laser cut, hand polish and problem solve to create individual colourful jewellery which is original and fun to wear. 
I seek inspiration from so many things............I always find myself looking back to different eras of design, from fifties retro furniture to victorian mourning jewellery I love absorbing information from oversized books stuffed with pictures of popular culture and design from days gone by.
If you like what you see then please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about me or my work.


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