Hello my name is Logan and I run the little shop that is Sweet & Dirty's.
I went to college, got myself a BFA in painting, and while i was there I met a fella in a figure drawing class and proceeded to win him over with my karaoke skills. Fast forward a few years later and we are living in Tennessee with our two little ones, Ruby and Harvey Jack. I'm now a stay at home mom sewing in my spare time, and with two kids under 3 that usually means during naptimes or after hours.
I began sewing 8 years ago, and after a few rather depressing skirts I found my way with the machine. After awhile I started getting requests from friends for bags and such, and began realizing this might be able to turn into something. When pregnant with Ruby my husband and I decided it would be worthwhile to give it a shot on Etsy... and between that, a few stores, and some pretty loyal friends I've been able to work from home.
As far as the whole process, I've always been a sucker for a good vintage fabric, and love the hunt for unusual pattern and prints. This all lends itself perfectly to all the items in the shop being made from recycled material... with the occasional fabric store purchase. I really enjoy mixing materials, and figuring out interesting combinations with the fabric. I've found myself lately playing a lot with simplifying, which I'm enjoying.
Oh and a quick side note, my husbands nickname is Dirty and mine is Sweet.. so tada shop name.

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