My name is Smadar. I was born and raised in Israel. 
The love and passion for design and craftsmanship , I probably inherited from my grandfather, whom I've never got the chance to meet, but my parents tell me I remind him very much.He used to design and sew many things in his small studio , especially beautiful women lingerie. In 2003 I graduated the industrial design department in Shenkar college of engineering and design.
At first I designed bags and stuff for my self and friends, and since I got some wonderful feedbacks, I decided to start a small business, selling my stuff in Tel-aviv shops.
I especially love to work with leather and leather-accessories like rivets, nails, buckles and other great items that I find and fit, and they give me inspiration.
All my products I design and create my self, in my little studio, at home.
The decision to start my own business came to me after my eldest daughter was born (It is known that childbirth brings with it lots of new energies to do and create..)Not long ago I had my son born, and now the two of them fill me with inspiration and give me the power to go on and create even after long nights without sleep… I hope my children will learn from me that, if you follow your dreams, even if it takes hard work, it will finally pay off in so many ways. 

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