Stella and Lori – Leather Goods
The essence of our creation: leather products that exhibit our deep-rooted passion for quality, style, and aesthetics.We are two Israeli sisters from Tel Aviv who have chosen to embark on a mutual journey of creativity and independence. Our name, Stella and Lori, represent the names of our grandmothers. They each grew up in Europe, moved to Israel, and lived in Tel Aviv, bringing with them a European touch immersed in style and chic.Our grandmothers instilled in us that the magic of this world stems from the heterogeneous and diverse nature of humans, and also from the imperfections that define them as living beings. We were taught that one must always seek out individual beauty and quality.Just as each individual being is unique, so too are our products.Our craftsmanship combines carefully selected, high-quality raw material, superior stitching, and meticulous attention to the finished product—the result is a one-of-a-kind product with its exclusive texture and color scheme. With leather, one can trace the path of the material through its distinct imprints. The beauty of our product therefore lies in its imperfections. Not routine, manufactured, or perfect but unique, distinct and exceptional. We believe that each and every person deserves to enjoy high quality products that are individually-tailored and constructed to his or her specific needs and dimensions. A unique expression of individuality. All you have to do is choose.
A few more words… About us:
Vered Blank-Grizim – An architect by profession, "Japan holic" with a highly developed sense of taste.
Zohar Blank-kama – Comes from the world of marketing and branding, an amateur cook and has a highly developed sense of taste and aesthetics.

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