Morgen Bardati (Inkyspider )is a textile artist and designer living in the mountainous Kootenay region of British Columbia in Canada. Her home is a tiny village nestled next to the Slocan Lake across from the beautiful pristine wilderness of Valhalla Park. Morgen enjoys working with a mixed media of traditional and innovative textile design techniques on cotton, linen, hemp, wool and silk. She uses dye, shibori, screen printing, painting, sewing and piecing to transform cloth into garments and accessories, housewares, art and bags.Morgen's inspiration comes from nature, culture, pattern and geometry. Her garments and textiles have a universal, personal and tribal resonance. She likes to design garments and textiles that celebrate our cultural diversity and our connection to nature and she expresses this through vibrant and earthy colour, pattern, movement and texture.Morgen is also the maker and designer of Kootsac reuasble bulk and produce bags.

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