gingerbugZ was created out of a love for quality, unique children's wear . . that wasn't over-run by pink and purple and ruffles and glitter. But still fashionable.
As a teacher of the 2T to 5T age group, the clothes also needed to be functional and easy-on-easy-off. So the items feature stretchy elastic openings without buttons, zips or snaps. Potty trips just got a whole lot easier . . .
gingerbugZ is created in a non-smoking-one-cat-friendly space, with 'Pumpkin' being banned from the workroom.
Other interests include (but are not limited to)baking, cooking, opera and classical music, spanish guitar, spanish men . . spanish men playing spanish guitar . . . scrapbooking, crochet, general arts and crafts, art history, travel and wine. Some of these work well together, others - like scrapbooking and red wine . .not so much.

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