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Einat Burg, 30 year old designer from Tel-Aviv, is the visionary of FROG © exclusive designers wear. Graduated from the Kalisher College Design Department in 2000, with a strong focus on stage costumes and accessories, she founded the label FROG in 2000 and opened her own studio. Einat’s designs stands out with her singular collection of hand-made theatrical scarves, created by using special knotting technique. Her clothing items uses layers to fit and compliment any type of figure, by playing with winding and wrapping the geometrical and versatile designs. The name FROG comes from the designer’s inspiration from animal’s life cycle metamorphosis, as her creations go through metamorphosis throughout different processing techniques, changing fabrics to unique designs, rich in texture and shape. Her creations characterize by their ability to changes their look and mood according to the way they are being worn. All the items are versatile, have no sizes, and can upgrade and personalize any outfit. FROG collections are sold in boutiques around Israel and selected stores in the US, Australia Italy and Germany.

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