Ashley Vick earned her BFA in metals from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. Utilizing the techniques of electro-forming, lost wax casting and various methods of fabrication, Ashley creates sculptural jewelry that is inspired by forms and colors found in nature and minimal, bold, clean lines. 
In addition to creating her one-of-a-kind pieces, Ashley created Filomena DeMarco Jewelry, a production line of jewelry named after her great-grandmother, Filomena DeMarco. All of Ashley’s pieces are handcrafted using sterling silver, gold and/or natural gemstones. Ashley currently has a studio in Somerville, MA and lives in Providence, RI.
I remember discovering the transformative power of jewelry as a young girl, piling on my mother's jewelry with a more-is-better approach, and how beautiful and special it made me feel to wear it. As a child, I had no concept of how much it cost or what it was worth. All I knew was the pleasure of wearing it and how it made me feel. Inevitably, I would get caught and, fearing loss or ruin, be forced to put it back. I think about how much beautiful jewelry went unworn and how it was locked away for safekeeping. The memory of this has shaped my relationship to jewelry. I believe it should be worn, and that the value of how good it feels to wear 
it is in fact more valuable than the object itself, despite its worth. Jewelry should serve people; people should not be in service to it. It is my hope and intention that the jewelry I make be worn and enjoyed, that it lend itself to the expression of personal style, thatit make a statement, and that whoever wears it will feel beautiful and special too.

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