My name is Donna Sanna, a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, laid-off corporate employee, part-time nail technician, and full time creative thinker. After a 30+ year career, I found myself having to think far outside the box. Having a tremendous love for photography, I started selling on Etsy with my fine art photography shop (Caradonna Photography). During this time, I lost my beloved dog and struggled with her absence. One day, looking over pictures of her, the idea came to me to combine vintage photos with the animals I so love to create original anthropomorphic prints. As the “population” began to grow, an entire world started to evolve. The characters in “Fancyville”, the name of the town at Animal Fancy, include a dentist, dancers, honeymooners, magic snowman, a deer woman who loves reading poetry, etc. They all have mini-stories and together they make up an active community. I am now working towards adding cards and photo jewelry depicting these images for adults and children alike to enjoy my work in a variety of ways. Thank you, and hope you enjoy the fun as much as I do!

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