My passion for making clothes started late in life; I began a study in fashion and design when I was already eighteen. Untill then I hadn’t even touched a sewingmachine! After finishing my degree a couple of years back, my life took a different turn, but now – due to Etsy – my love for making inspiring handmade clothes for special people has flourished once again.
In the daytime (and a lot of nighttimes as well ...) I work as a theatre programmer. So I spend a lot of time traveling the country, sitting on my but, watching performances and for me it's a perfect godsend combining this daytime job with being creative myself. So most of the time that's left I dedicate to making clothes for Bilot in my small, but cosy homestudio.
I love creating items that might seem casual at first sight, but stand out due to a small nimble touch. My colours and fabrics are uni and basic (I keep coming back to those black, blue and greys) The pieces stand out by their unique details in combination with comfort and sound finishing touch. A design always starts off with the thought 'I'd love to wear that!'; I don't design anything that I wouldn't enjoy wearing myself.

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