EL RINCÓN DE TEO or APPLIQUEFELT is a project that was born at the same time my son Teo arrived to my life, and from then on I got interested in the kids and babies' world!! I have always been a craftswoman, since I can remember actually. My mother, Aurora, has been my great source of inspiration. I remember long afternoons with her drawing, sewing, embroidering, and a thousand more activities!!!
While living in Spain, Teo was born, and with his arrival, also arrived a new Inspiring Muse to bring about a radical change in the way I work. I had a permanent place of residence now to set up my workshop. I started sewing some patches on some of Teo's t-shirts, with a sewing machine that my mother helped me buy, that's why I named it "Little Aurora"!!! I tried out, I retried out, I created, I experimented, I'm still learning from my mistakes, and little by little, I created this project. I keep on trying out and growing all the time, this is a continuous non-stop!!!
Colours are essential to my life, they represent experiences I've gone through and also a lot of memories, races, cultures, situations, etc, etc.!!! I hope they are always in me!!!
After 10 years of making a living exclusively out of my crafts, I feel proud of being who I am, of doing what I do, and even though there are hard moments sometimes, I still go forward instilling all my energy in my crafts. For me, craftmaking is a way of life, neither better nor worse than any other, but it works out the best for me. I've been offering my crafts in many different places of the world, surrealist, tropical, snowy, mountainous places, in beaches, in city markets, sitting next to a native South American woman from the Andes, speaking in many different languages, sharing a bit of myself with everyone, trying to learn from everything and from every person.
Thank you very much to all those who, in one way or another, have taught me something. I hope to continue learning and giving my energy to our world, not lose it, because Craftmaking is a Cultural Experience!!!

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