The two humans behind NottyPooch are Huey (a girl) and Wah (a boy). We live in Penang, Malaysia - in case you didn't know, Penang is a small island with lots and lots of awesome food! We love our dogs, Xiao Bi (pronounced as sea-owl bee) and Coco, who are experts in destroying things in the household. 
Huey has the background of Fine Arts while Wah is just being passionate about the life - and the t-shirt he wants. Many moons back Huey made herself a wallet out of billboard banner because she couldn't find the perfect one. When they met, she taught him screenprinting t-shirt, and he taught her how to use a sewing machine. They have been sewing up their life and imaginations since then.
When we need break, we head to our pet-project shop hueynwah where we currently work on cards and cushion pillows!

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