Raffaele De Martino was born in Naples where he currently lives and works. He began studying architecture and working as a graphic designer in the late 80's with traditional instruments. Following with curiosity and interest the use of computer graphics in graphic and industrial design since its inception combining with traditional manual techniques. For his project he still uses calligraphy, black and white photography and sculpture. In 2000 he founded ZUD, Naples mainly as a studio of graphic and web design.After a few years ZUD approaches to furniture design creating unique items and using recycled materials, conducting a research on the thin line between art and design.Visual communication has been, from the beginning, the center of ZUD experiences and inspiration for many projects. ZUD currently moves between contemporary art, communication and design. A lively and particular attention is given to eco-design and the creation of handmade objects made R03;R03;of materials difficult to dispose of.The favorite pastime of Raffaele De Martino is walking on the beach and pick the one that leads to the sea. From this treasure, an inexhaustible source, created objects that are without joy in their beauty. Many people ask themselves, how to get art from waste.Today Raffaele De Martino devotes time and passion for experimentation and research, and in his work seeks lightness and simplicity.

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