Tea For All Reasons expresses my vision that tea is meant to be enjoyed and shared for so many reasons. I'm Marsha and it all began in 1997, in my home, as I developed workshops designed to teach and equip women of all ages on the pleasures of tea. More importantly, I wanted to teach how to use tea as a tool for reaching out to others with a cup of friendship and Christian love. By 2001, the business expanded to become fully licensed to sell tea in order to accommodate the growing demand for quality tea. I offer a wide variety of premium teas from all over the world, custom blended, for every day or special occasions or seasons. You will also find a beautiful selection of tea accessories or "necess-i-teas" to enhance your tea experience, vintage pieces and supplies. My teas are the freshest because I do not over-order, never allowing the tea to linger on the shelves. I am committed to excellence and integrity in all areas of the business and trust you will always be pleased with my product quality and service.

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