I'm a "tired of the shallow and environmentally bad world of fashion" -fashion designer from Sweden who ended up in Brussels, Belgium, after finding the love of my life in Japan a couple of years ago. I make clothes with the heart and for girls who is like me. I make clothes from old clothes, from second hand fabrics and organic materials or just from fabrics I have lying around in my little studio. Sometimes I make other things than clothes; like bags, or toys or pillow cases. It depends what I'm in the mood for :) I also sell vintage clothes and vintage supplies. Basically because I have so much vintage buttons and stuff like that (I think I'm the button-dumpster of Brussels!), but also because there is so much quality to be found in vintage things. And why buy new things when there is already so many beautiful things to be found out there? Plus I love to wear something no-one else has or the feel of an old pair of scissors. I also love photography. I love to sell on Etsy, because you can create a little world of your own and present it in your shop.

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