My name is Eve and I live on the coast of England. I grew up in northern Germany in a small town. I share my life with my beautiful daughter Anna and my partner Steve.We have just bought a sailing boat that we are restoring. I love to cook Asian food and turn up the music dancing wildly with Anna.The title of my memoir would be 'I have never done this before' because I start everything with a blank canvas.
I ponder for weeks days years about something that I want to create. My inspiration comes from one thought only 'form follows function' is there something I need? ... want? if yes I will figure out how it can work best last longest and then how it should look. The most addicting thing is the gathering of the tools and materials for me, I am a definite tool addict!
My leather pieces are made from cut offs that usually is waste, I sew them together with hand waxed linen tread or use brass studs. I have never liked linings either in clothing or bags so my designs are unlined which makes them very light weight, I eliminate the unnecessary. 
My keychains is the thing you have on you all of the time when you go out, I add playthings that can keep the hands busy and I like a little jingle so they are easy to find in ones purse. My skulls are like friends and are beautiful on any display.
Handmade is the thing that is worth something in your heart, the thing you rescue from a burning house.
My grandfather who was an artist himself told me to eliminate anything that is not necessary, my uncle who was a photographer told me to 'crop crop crop'.
Everyone on my mother side is an artist, it's the thing that comes easy to me, that's what I do for a living I study I eat I breathe.

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