My name is Yael and I am 26 years old. I graduated from the Shenkar College of Design, and have a degree in textile design, I specialized in knitting. During my years at Shenkar I felt a strong attraction to simple and minimalistic patterns. I named my brand - Andy Ve Eirn after my grandparents who are very important in my life. Andy Ve Eirn is all about the textile, my education in textile formation gives me the ability to start designing from the yarn itself, so I have complete control of the final product right from the beginning. All the knitting patterns are my unique and original design. Geometric shapes are a central theme and influence in my work. Rich textile and fabric play a major role in my clothing design.
The colors of this collection are shades of grey, antic pink and off white, beautiful neutral colors that will fit almost every item you own. The materials I use are linen acrilan and viscose. 
I feel the collection represents my agenda, simple and minimalistic things that every woman would like to have as strong key items in her closet. 
An interview  you can read here .

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