The Ghost's Library series of photos was taken in unused rooms at a boarding school built in 1878, whose Gothic architecture is truly stunning. The light coming into the top floor where the images were shot is remarkable, and shifts and changes as the day progresses. The rooms are left as I found them with only the addition of my daughters as models. Each frame tells part of a visual story. A book bringing enlightenment and a wider world view is one theme running through the series, but I also wish to convey light in the darkness along with a sense of loss that is kept at bay through companionship; the children, though having experienced loneliness, are comforted by the others company. In life, both of my daughters have experienced a loneliness that I cannot fathom - abandonment as babies. Yet out of great loss and seeming tragedy, the radiance of their spirits allowed them to survive. And I am honored that their luminosity came into my life with their adoptions. They are my light in the darkness and I hope that this comes through in my work.

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