LHIdea -  Lovely Home Idea textile design studio. One member of our creative team is an architect and the other one is textile designer, both working on textile-interior design products.We are extremely passionate about unique home details made with love, care and logic and we think that every living space is unique so it needs a personalized design solution. It's incredible how simple and natural details can help to add  some feeling of beauty and harmony to our Homes! Based in Lithuania LHIdea team designs and produce home textiles that are well made, stylish and Eco-trendy. We choose to work with natural fibers, because they wear themselves very well, they are long lasting and easy to care. We care a lot to produce things that are eco friendly. That's why we use a lot of natural and so soft linen fabric. We also create goods for Children. Here you will find some children bedding and accessories from our new LHIdea Kids collection.....Soft and Serene... Imaginative and Simply Natural... We choose only the greatest quality pure linen fabrics for our Kids textiles and we are happy to share it with You!

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