My name is Laura Ferrara and I live in Silver Spring, Maryland, right outside of Washington D.C. with my husband and my 4 almost grown children (except for my youngest, who is 10). I started painting and drawing again about 4 years ago. The process of making art keeps surprising me. Agnes Martin said,"There is successful work and work that fails, but all of it is inspired." I love this idea. Essentially, the time I get to spend painting or drawing, makes me really happy and will usually cure whatever seems wrong. I am really thankful for that. A few random things about me: I am 45. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love movies from the 1930's. I do not mind cold weather, as long as it scoots away by April. I love where I live because beautiful people from all over the world surround me. I wish I had spent more of my younger years traveling. I hope to travel when all my children are older.  I would like to live in Scandinavia someday....

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