"Krukrustudio is Lyuba and Max, two creative designers from Moscow, Russia. They work in Krukrustudio which is a small design studio, where unusual bags ​​from natural felt have been produced since the beginning of 2011. It all has been started in Moscow. Then Lyuba and Max have become popular in neighboring towns. And later, thanks to the Internet, their works have been presented to the whole world. “To create something new from scratch – it’s completely different than working for someone else. Creativity gives you an unforgettable feeling of joy, as it brings to others positive and bright emotions! “- Lyuba says. Krukrustudio Bags gives a sense of happiness, and you start recalling the times of childhood, when every object seemed to you significant, vibrant and full of secrets. The idea of game, the mood and the beauty of shape – all these come to life again, as the objects, which were created once and later became popular with the crowds, are made again of unusual material. They appear from an unexpected side...." more 

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