My name is Rebeccah von Schlieffen and I'm the woman behind the camera at Augenblickphoto. As a photographer and as a person, I live for the intensity of a moment and a moment of intensity. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I've lived as an expat in Berlin for over twelve years. Being a foreigner gives you a constant feeling of otherness; no matter how long you live in your new country, in some ways you'll never belong. In my work I bring out the details in art, sculpture and the natural world that thrill and intrigue me. I also have been collecting vintage photographs for over 20 years and love the intimate connection I've grown to have with the various images of people, most of them long dead. I may not know their names, but they are a part of me. Some of my most popular work is of the mask L'Inconnue de la Seine. When I first found the mask, I had no idea what it was. Through some research I found the haunting, romantically Gothic story behind the mask which you can read here .I love that this poor unknown woman continues to inspire and draw people in with the work I do.

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