My name is Maria and i am the hands, mind and soul behind ADELO Creations. I live in Athens, Greece. My country is very priviledged (weather, beauty, people), but unfortunately things are not going so well lately...The good news are that arts blossom in crisis time! My work is all about creating original, playful and chic designs, handmade by me. I use sterling silver to make precious trinkets that last with splashes of color (yarn, fiber, felt, crystals or pretty much anything!) Inspiration comes without warning: When i am stuck in traffic, drinking coffee with friends, walking in the city or by the sea...I really wish i could spend more time in my studio, working on any idea crosses my mind. I love communicating just as much as creating, so i am more than happy when someone stops by to say hello, when i have a custom request and when i receive kind words from customers about my work and my customer service, because i really care about the whole buying experience one has when chooses my creations. The thing i most love about ETSY is that gave me the opportunity to share my creations with the whole world and I feel extremely happy every single time i go to the post office! If you like my work, please share it with friends :)

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