I am a printmaker, collage artist and nature lover residing in the Austin Hill country. I make handmade paper using plant materials from my garden. I am also a photographer. Photography and artist-made paper come together very nicely in the form of solar plate etchings and multiple layers of papers. My process is very labor intensive, but made with much love. You will also see symbols and patterns introduced in many works. I create my own patterns and am fascinated with ancient symbols. I feel somehow they hold the secrets to life.
BFA, Photography & Printmaking, UT @ Austin
Extensive graduate studies in Art History, Rice University.
Past Dream Jobs: Corporate Art Consultant, Art Teacher & Marketing Manage
I am active in four fantastic artist groups: WPA (Women Print makers of Austin), PrintMatters (my Houston buds and old digs), Austin Fiber Artists, my beloved serious geeks Austin Alternative Process Group where we strive t keep alive old photography process such as carbon and salt prints

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