My interest are: a very wise hubby, one action packed little boy, four ferociously different dogs, riding my bicycle, etsy, thrifting, plants, an old radio, lots of shoes, and tons of vintage. I like working mornings in my pjs, being a mother to a precious little boy, afternoon naps, going on walks or runs with friends, a pink sunset, rainy days, warm blue sky, freshly cut grass, sandy blond hair, holding little hands, and trophy trucks. Growing up my beautiful mother was always a big influence on my creative style. She sewed daily and made tons of clothes, for me and my dolls. She was amazing in more ways than I could ever explain. She always encouraged me to follow my dreams and keep my head in the clouds. Nothing ever has to be unrealistic or impractical! I have always treasured the uniqueness of all things vintage. Vintage is 20 years or older and that means it is ONE of a KIND and very unique. It inspires me to find something so individual and be more creative with it. I encourage you to buy vintage and make it yours! 

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