WORT: A plant.
CUNNING: Crafty artfulness.
Delighting in the mysterious and not-so-mysterious ways of plants and the relationships we build with them.
Worts + Cunning Apothecary was started to provide quality, handmade, and full of enchantment herbal products to her community. The Apothecary is currently based in Mesa, AZ but has a tendency to up and move.
I am always in a constant process of learning from my community in all of its various manifestions - plants, friends, family, lovers, animals, and creatures undefined. The foundation of my work is the recognition that the sacred resides beyond, between, and within all of us.
The Apothecary provides an ever-growing collection of herbal delights, including Teas, Herbal Powders, Medicinal Vinegars, Salt Scrubs, Elixirs, Flower + Gem Essences, Salves and more! We also do custom blends, so do inquire! Enjoy!

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