Indie Collective and People's Couture are run by one person, the designer of people's couture with the help of family and friends - Gulbin Yavuz. Indie Collective is 11 years old, People's Couture has just turned 10.
People's Couture started as a rebellious alternative to the current fashion trends. Goal was to be unlike any other clothing company not only in style but also in business model. I was completely bored of everything that existed, how everybody was (and still is) doing basically the same styles in the same ways of sewing and finishing. How the industry is set up rushing to produce and produce at all cost and how we are (as consumers of fashion) breathlessly rushed into next and next trend in a completely UNSUSTAINABLE system where there is nothing much original any more. We decided to change that. choosing to stay fiercely independent, not to manufacture and grow slowly, stay small, never compromise and keep learning. I yearned to come up with new ideas for fashion, new ways of being, thinking and dressing. Over time these ideals proved to be correct and the designs stood the test of time. After a while the independent and handmade movement started there is now a movement towards seasonless clothing, transforming, convertible clothing and slow fashion and things are changing. Many of the concepts developed by indie collective and peoples couture such as convertible/transforming, modular and interactive clothing and accessories have become mainstream. I am proud of that.
All clothing and accessories are hand-made in los angeles, sweatshop-free and ecologically conscious. Our very business model is green, we have zero waste, our carbon footprint is super-minimal, we don't use any harmful chemicals, no one suffers making them, we always have the well being of mother earth in mind. Designs themselves are specifically created to transform and become other things thus discouraging waste. We recycle, reduce and reuse.

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