I'm Mary Louise and welcome to my shop! I design and create everything in my Boston studio, and wherever you are, it's lovely to have you here.A couple of things have brought me to this endeavor. First, I think visually, so presentation from design to branding to packaging is an integral part of the mlmxoxo line. Secondly, I operate on the basis of three principles: Form follows function. Less is more. God is in the details. 
The first two come from architecture and the third from my grandmother who was a perfectionist in everything she did, and consequently enriched our lives on a daily basis. I strive to design something that serves a purpose, incorporates high-quality natural materials (like paper, wool, pure wool felt) as well as vibrant color, maintains the integrity of those materials by eliminating unessential embellishment, and is rendered with a degree of craftmanship (a nod to my mother's particular talents).
My hope is that you'll find something at mlmxoxo that meets both your practical needs and your personal desires.

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