My name is Dovile, I live in Lithuania, city Vilnius. I'm making Wool Felted Slippers and Shoes with Color Rubber Soles. All sizes for Women and Men.The wool felting came into my life only one year ago, when I was visiting my countryside. Once I entered the attic of the house, opened the my great-grandmother's antique chest and saw clouds of old gray wool. My Dad remembers his childhood when he wore very warm felted shoes made ​​by his grandmother. My Dad's stories have inspired me. From this it all began.My felted shoes look little bit different from those ancient ones or those made by my grand-grandmother. Here, Tradition meets Modern.Now I'm representing the New Collection - Felted Shoes with Color Soles handcrafted from Flexible and Waterproof Rubber. So now my Felted Shoes with these Soles can be worn outdoors without the fear of get wet or tear. By the way I did not attend any felting courses, but have relied on my own intuition and the information I found online. I'm interested in new trends, fashion colors, and in making innovations. I have a very high priority on quality. I create alone and strongly believe that everything is possible to make, if you put all your mind, creativity, experience and efforts in it. I sincerely hope that you will like my designs and I will do my best to provide quality pieces and good service. I also want to mention that if you have an idea for color combination or want to order more than two items from my shop, please do not hesitate and drop me a line. I will make the slippers in your colors and also I can offers the good discount.

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