My name is Sandra, I am a full time ceramicist.I Studied in art school and I specialize in the preservation and restoration of ceramics (tiles and earthenware).All my work is based on the observation of simple and beautiful things that surround us, especially in nature. I always look at either the most basic forms or I simplify the most complex, I try to transpose the simple harmony of the flowers for the daily life with images attractive to all senses.I love creating.It seems to me that the more important in life are the little things.
It’s the pleasure of giving others a little of it is so important to me, that make my work worthwhile.
In my studio all process of my work is made by me, since the creation of the piece Itself, his painting and Its packaging.I love diversity and colors and I want to create something special.
The pottery is my passion, a very important part of my life. The possibilities of ceramics,are endless, this my dream started with a piece of clay and a brush. Today I have a studio,which I have great pride, and many projects, some started, more ready to start. I guess I'll never stop creating. I love sharing my passion, customers are a very important part of my whole process, is for the world that I create:)
I hope you come to my shop and feel at home, ask, share, come back whenever you want, even just to say hello. you are all an essential part of my road and I thank you.
 Life is too short, we must fill out her of sharing of beauty, and good vibes.I live a half hour away from Lisbon, with my husband and my 4 years old son.I am privileged to live and work in a lovely place. The nature sounds accompany my day and let my mind free to do what I love doing most.
If you visit Lisbon, you can find my work at the National Tile Museum , as well as in the design shop " Alma Lusa" , which also has shop at Lisbon Airport.
Thank you very much for visiting my shop. Please drop by again to check out my new designs which I plan to add Regularly. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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